Eco Arts: Discarded cellphones find new place in art installation

cellphone art 1

Eco Factor: Artwork made from discarded cellphones.

Going by research, the average cellphone user discards a cellphone after 18 months of use. With the number of cellphone users on the rise, the number of cellphones discarded every year is hitting new heights as well. Cellphones carry toxic materials in their batteries, which if left untreated or aren’t recycled the way they should be, pose a serious threat to the ecosystem.

cellphone art 2

Eco-artist Nigel Sielegar has found a way hundreds of discarded cellphones can be given a new and a different life, by making them a part of an art installation. The artist crafted an 18’ high and a 24’ wide frame that used hundreds of cellphones to get the desired shape.

cellphone art 3

cellphone art 4

cellphone art 5

Via: Behance

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