Designer tableware made from upcycled booze bottles

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My circle of friends has a real reputation for drinking like fish, and that often means that the designated driver, who is almost always me, ends up cleaning after those drunken morons. The task often leaves me with a trunkful of beautiful but empty booze bottles that I feel mighty sorry throwing off in the dumpster. But since there are only so many booze bottle lamps that I can put up in my house, I thought I’d go out and find what other uses the colorful bottles are bring put to around the world.

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ECOutlet is one such green outfit that loves to take used booze bottles and recycle them into lovely bits of tableware. The best items from their collection include Hot Bottle (a wine bottle that has been transformed into a starter plate), beer glasses cum wine goblets, Corona glasses and even flower vases.
ecoutlet vases diT1k 1333
Of course, you have to shell out a sizable amount to make a whole set of tableware, but when you consider that it’s probably gonna make you very popular and very envied; I say it sure is worth it!
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Source: Smart Planet

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