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D400 – A new direct-drive wind generator

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The D400 is a new direct-drive wind generator, designed for a variety of marine and terrestrial application. It is exceptionally quiet and vibration free in operation, qualities that are of paramount importance for any wind generator operating in close proximity to people. The D400 comprises a powerful 3-phase alternator, and computer designed rotor blades optimized for low speed, user-friendly operation. This innovative machine is extremely efficient in low wind speeds, yet is capable of sustained high power outputs of over 500 watts in higher winds due to its robust construction and excellent heat dissipation.

Distinctive and elegant in design, the D400 is superbly engineered for long, trouble free service, and is available in either 12 or 24 volt variant. Although specifically designed for boats, and on or near buildings, caravans etc, the D400 is versatile enough to be used on land and in areas of low wind speed. The blades turn slowly yet can achieve a higher amp input. The majority of the noise from a wind generator is due to the blade tip speed. With a bigger blade and slower turning, the actual blade tip speed on D400 is dramatically slower than the opposition, and thus quieter.

Via: BrightCleanEnergy

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