Carry Cane-made Bags in Style and Grace

bag made of caneWant to buy goods you need to carry everyday? Be it conference bags, folders, bottle holders, handbags for women, purses or even menu card holders? I know you will get one at the next shop. But, won’t you like to carry them in grace and style? Everyone would, I suppose! Then get to Guwahati, capital of the Indian state of Assam. It is a tiny room packed with such goods made of cane. Yes, all of these, and to repeat it all are made of cane. They come in medium and small sizes, exquisitely stitched and well finished and they’re in the traditional Assamese sital pati style, created from thin strips of golden colored cane and woven into a fabric of products. There’s a touch of class and design that add value and grace to the final product. And they’re extremely affordable; ladies purses are available for Rs 75 and conference file bags range between Rs 100 and Rs 300.

Via: The Statesman

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