BIG proposal for Quebec’s Beaux-Arts Expansion features a walkable green roof

beaux arts expansion musee 1

Eco Factor: Sustainable development to minimize energy consumption.

BIG Architects have proposed a sustainable design for Quebec’s Beaux-Arts Expansion that including a sloping green roof that people can actually walk on. Though the entry didn’t win the competition, their proposal definitely is sustainable and can reduce energy consumption.

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The proposal includes large day lighting windows and a sweeping dramatic form. Designed in collaboration with Fugère Architects, the museum is centered on the creation of two large facades conceived as large windows that can allow daylight to penetrate to reduce the demand for artificial lighting.

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Moreover, the roof lines connect to the ground and extend the park onto the building itself allowing visitors to take a stroll on it. The green roof also reduces water runoff and regulates temperature inside the building.

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Via: Inhabitat

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