A biker can now pedal out hand sewn caps for the NYC museum

Pedal PowerThis idea may come across as bizarre, but on peeling the layers one will find a great eco friendly idea and a new generation trend setter, all in one package. We are talking about a bike that powers a sewing machine and churns out flippant bicycle caps in different hues and patterns to be sold as a souvenir in the grand shadows of the NYC museum.

The concept took shape when Laura Martínez del Pozo and Jaime Sevilla Moreno, co-founders of peSeta stumbled upon a bike left back by their friend in their sewing shop. Being skilled workers on the machine and with an ‘out of the box’ outlook, they set up the bike with their machines and attempted to backpower the electric machine with sheer physical energy. Through this task, they succeeded and how! Now they are the renowned owners of the brand peSeta and have a reliable tie up with the great NYC museum.

The museum sells these bike caps exclusively under its name both online and through its trademark ‘brick and mortar’ stores. With a pocket pinch of $45, these caps are not only brilliant style statement but also a symbol of being manufactured in the green way. A deluxe version of these caps is also sold at the stores which costs double the price of the normal version i.e $90, but comes with such tempting add-on that one can’t miss out.

The deluxe cap comes packed in a wooden cheese box (now how cool is that) along with a DVD that showcases the entire human powered, ecological and interesting process behind its manufacture. With the garment and fashion industry gathering higher stakes each day with the consumers, a need arises to bring about a fundamental change in manufacturing the clothes and accessories. PeSeta has taken a pioneering step in this direction and hopefully this ingenuity will be appreciated and followed with due diligence.

Via: Ecouterre

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