Eco products that go easy on your wallet

Cool gadgets and technology are being made every day. Something new and exciting is always popping up. But usually those products are not environmentally friendly. Here are some that are. Today’s Top Articles:

Problems the biofuel industry often runs into

There are a number of problems the Biofuel industry faces trying to expand into a growing market. Here are some of the hurdles they will have to pass before becoming widely produced to be commercially fit.

Top eco-friendly hospitals in the USA

Here is a list of hospitals that prove they care about their patients and the environment by taking time and care to change the way they run and operate.

Solar powered designs to produce water in deserts

We can use solar power to produce river in the desert! No, I have not gone crazy. People have dreamt since long to produce potable water in deserts, where it is very scarce. This dream may soon come true.

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