Green Products

Green products made from eco-friendly plastic

Ecofriendly products are those products that are less toxic and produce minimal wastes than normal products. These products are environmental friendly, durable and are safe to use. These products are durable. So whatever is the situation, if it is possibl

lights made of plastic bottle caps

7 – Eco-friendly mortars and pestles

Reminiscent of Grandma’s cooking and an indispensible part of one’s kitchen, mortars and pestles take us down the memory lane when spices and herbs were ground in it. Replacing Grandma’s era of metal mortars and pestles, these must haves of every ki

Beech Wood Mortar and Pestle

Eco products that go easy on your wallet

Cool gadgets and technology are being made every day. Something new and exciting is always popping up. But usually those products are not environmentally friendly. Here are some that are.

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